Las Vegas Tradeshow Installation and Dismantle Services

ATS Installation & Dismantle Services, offers, professional, bonded, and insured labor to install, service, dismantle, and pack your tradeshow exhibit in greater Las Vegas tradeshow market.

At ATS Installation & Dismantle Services, our labor is knowledgeable, professional and experienced.  We supervise our labor with expert direction and perform the work in a timely manner. Our installation and dismantle service can range from the basics of a pop-up all the way to the full service of a turn-key solution for a complex custom booth, including detailing and cleaning your exhibit booth so it looks it’s finest for show open.

In addition to manpower, ATS always has the resources needed to complete the job from basic tools and ladders to material lifts and show supplies such as visqueen, stretch-wrap, packing tape, and steel banding.

ATS Installation & Dismantle Services also can handle all your supervision and management of logistics of your booth and exhibit materials through our expertise and our relationship with booth builders and designers, freight forwarders, and tradeshow storage companies.

We offer competitive rates for our excellent service.  Click here for details or contact us for a quote.

Our outstanding labor services can be ordered, whether to install a tradeshow display that your company already owns, or that has been purchased from an display house or exhibit booth builder by calling us at 702-642-2900, fax us at 702-642-0500, e-mail us at, or just click here

ATS is the exclusive provider of Tradeshow/ Convention installation and dismantle services for Expo Services & Products, Inc. on all its standard rental booth packages. For more information on tradeshow booth or exhibit rental and/or purchases please contact Expo Services & Products, Inc. at 800-754-6871 or click here to visit